Monday, August 19, 2013

Tinkybell's 30 Days of Untrieds Challenge Day 1: O.P.I. Liquid Sand-Alcatraz... Rocks! from the San Francisco Collection

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

I have issued myself a challenge. I have so many polishes sitting in my untrieds pile and the pile just keeps growing! So I decided that for the next thirty days, I will post an unused polish everyday.

To start off the thirty day challenge, I have O.P.I Liquid Sand in Alcatraz... Rocks! from the San Francisco Collection. 

And here she is up close:

Of course I had to try this with top coat:

Thoughts? This polish is gorgeous! I can't believe I didn't wear this as soon as I got this. It's a very complex polish to describe. There are so many things going on in this polish and it's a good thing! I have no words to describe this polish... It's just amazing. It reminds me of Sinful Colors Winter Wonder, but textured. Can you see the different color sparkles? *swoon* These pics don't do this polish justice. You have to see this in person! The formula was also good; not too thick and dries pretty fast. The texture isn't very gritty at all. 

Would I recommend this polish? YES! The color alone is reason to recommend this. If you don't own this yet, I suggest you run to the nearest store that sells this and buy it! I swear, you need this polish.

And that's it for Day 1 of Tinkybell's 30-Day Untrieds Challenge! I'll be putting this and the next days under the #Tinkybells30DaysofUntriedsChallenge. Feel free to join in! :)

*I bought this polish with my own money.*

*Disclaimer: Due to variations in screen displays and resolutions, polishes may appear different to each reader. I try my best to capture colors as accurately as I can, and if I can't, then I try to describe the color/s to the best of my ability.*

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