Monday, July 15, 2013

Textured Polish Week Starts Today! O.P.I Liquid Sand Get Your Number and Stay the Night

Hellooo errbody! Usually I would do Mainstream Mondays today, but I figured I'll do something different! Today will be the start of Textured Polish Week! Textured polishes have been a thing for sometime now, and I've got a bunch in my stash, so I thought I'd dedicate a whole week to them! Anyway, I'm starting off TPW with two polishes from the O.P.I Mariah Carey Collection.

The Mariah Carey collection has two parts: the Studio Shades which are like regular polishes, and the Stage Shades, which are the Liquid Sands. The Liquid Sands are four polishes that dries to a matte textured finish, just like, well, sand! (I'm so sorry but I don't have the whole set, so please just search online for bottle shots and swatches of the rest of the collection.)

I have two of the Liquid Sand polishes, Get Your Number and Stay the Night. Let's get right to the swatches, shall we? :)

First, I present to you, Get Your Number.

Get Your Number is a medium blue jelly base with tiny and small holographic glitters. It dries to a matte, slightly gritty, textured finish. Opaque in two coats, but I did three thin coats because I felt like two wasn't saturated enough. Of course, no top coat for this swatch. I had a hard time capturing the bottle shot because it was so sparkly!

And here we have Stay the Night.

Stay the Night is a black jelly base with small hot pink glitters. It dries to a matte, slightly gritty, textured finish. Again, opaque in two coats, but I did three because it wasn't saturated enough for my liking at two. Again, no top coat for this swatch. My camera got all crazy when I tried to take the bottle shot for this one! 

But wait! Of course I had to try it with a top coat!

Get Your Number with top coat
Look at that sparkle! Isn't it pretty? The base also looks darker with the top coat. It looks like pebbles under a fountain, doesn't it?

Stay the Night with top coat
Whoa. I love this one more with top coat! Again, the base looks darker and the glitters pop more with the top coat.

Thoughts? Textured polishes aren't for everyone, but I sorta like it! I can't stop feeling my nails... Haha. The texture is like, well, sand... I cannot accurately describe how it really feels, so I suggest you try it yourself. :) However, some people find textured polishes to be a bit much, and there is the possibility of it snagging on clothes, hair, etc. but I don't think it's that gritty to be caught on things. If you really don't like the texture, you can always slap some top coat on it and it should be good. The formula on these polishes were a bit thin, but you do need thin coats for the texture to develop better while drying. It was actually easy to work with!

Would I recommend these polishes? I think so! I know some people don't like textured polishes, but I think you should give them a chance. The colors are pretty, and you can always put top coat on if the texture really bothers you. But they do look good on their own, so I do hope you give these polishes a chance. Plus, they come in a set of mini bottles so if you're not too sold on the idea yet, you wouldn't have to feel so bad about purchasing full-sized bottles when you end up not liking it.

And that's it for the first post for Textured Polish Week! Stay tuned for the next polishes. :)

*I bought these polishes with my own money from L N Nails Supply for $5 each. O.P.I is available at ULTA, nail supply salons, and some online stores. Check online for availability of these polishes.*

*Disclaimer: Due to variations in screen displays and resolutions, polishes may appear different to each reader. I try my best to capture colors as accurately as I can, and if I can't, then I try to describe the color/s to the best of my ability.*

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