Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nail Art with Fimo Flowers

Back so soon? ;) Since I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, I figured I will give you guys back-to-back entries! Yay.

Anyway, I have a simple nail art to show you today.

Ta-dah! I used Sinful Colors Easy Going for the base: a light, creamy pinkish nude. Well... I'm not sure if it's considered nude... More like... buff? Ah. You be the judge.

I'm pretty sure most of you in the nail art world know what these flowers on my nails are, but if not, then I'll tell you. These flowers are made of fimo. Fimo is a brand of polymer clay. To make these flowers, the fimo is shaped into rods and baked, then sliced thinly to create a 3D art you can place on your nails (and anything else you can think of.)
Image source: Google
These are fimo rods, and that's what they look like before they are cut.

If you are interested in purchasing fimos, you can search for them on eBay or Amazon, but I'm pretty sure there are other websites offering these too, such as Winstonia and other nail supply stores. They are pretty cheap and come in bundles, so you get a lot for your buck. It's an easy way to add some pizzazz to a manicure! :)

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