Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Textured Polish Week Day 6: China Glaze Texture (Bump & Grind, In the Rough, Of Coarse!)

(This post was supposed to go up on Saturday but my weekend just got really busy and honestly, I was also feeling lazy and unmotivated... So here I am posting this about three days late.)

Hello everyone! It's Day 6 of Textured Polish Week! I have three polishes from the China Glaze Texture Collection.

These polishes are pretty similar to the Milani Texture and Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes I have posted, texture-wise. It's a bit more refined than the Milani polishes, closer to the texture of the SH Sugar Coat polishes. So let's get to the swatches, shall we? :)

Leading the way is Bump & Grind.

Bump & Grind is a dark reddish pink creme that dries to a textured finish. It's not quite matte, but not as shiny as regular polish. This is three coats with no top coat.

Next, we have In The Rough.

In the Rough is a light chartreuse (fancy way of saying yellow-green lol) creme that dries to a textured finish. Not quite matte when it dries, but not as shiny as regular polish either. This is three coats with no top coat.

Last but not the least, we have Of Coarse!

Of Coarse! is a bright medium blue creme that dries to a textured finish. Again, it did not dry very matte, but it wasn't as shiny either. This is three coats with no top coat.

Thoughts? The colors on these are bright and perfect for summer (although these polishes came out a while ago, but then all collections come out a whole season early.) If I had to pick a favorite out of the three, I'd pick In the Rough, just because the color is interesting. Usually I would default to the blues, but this time I'm picking the chartreuse!

The CG brush was a bit tricky to use, as the brush stem is longer than most and the brush is long and skinny (which spreads out well, so I guess that's okay.) Some people might prefer this but personally I prefer a shorter and wider brush. As I was applying Bump & Grind I felt like the brush was gonna snap in half everytime I swiped it against the mouth of the bottle to wipe the excess off. And I'm not sure if it's the brush or the polishes themselves but in my experience with CG polishes almost all of them tend to overload on the brush, so you do have to be careful with them and be sure to swipe the excess off. The formula on these aren't so bad; they did get thick along the way but a few shakes thinned them out. Dry time was also fast. The first fingernail is practically dry as soon as you finish the last fingernail, so you can paint your whole hand without waiting for the first coat to dry.

Would I recommend these polishes? For the most part, yes. The colors are perfect for summer, and the texture isn't as gritty as one would expect, so if you're new to the textured polish trend these polishes are a good place to start. Depending on where you buy them, it'll end up cheaper than those you can find at drugstores. The formula was quite easy to work with, much better than the Sally Hansen ones, in my opinion.

And that is it for Day 6! Stay tuned for the last installment of TPW. :)

*I bought these polishes with my own money from eBay for $15 for the three polishes, including shipping. You can also find these at your local salon supply store for much cheaper; just check for price and availability. I'm not sure if they are still available at ULTA and Sally Beauty so check your local stores for availability.*

*Disclaimer: Due to variations in screen displays and resolutions, polishes may appear different to each reader. I try my best to capture colors as accurately as I can, and if I can't, then I try to describe the color/s to the best of my ability.*

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  1. I like textures very much! Bump & Grind looks great!