Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Island Girl Hawaii Polish Haul Part 3: Island Paradise, Island Sunset and Island Heat (or so it says on the bottles...)

Hiiii errbodyyy! So. I have the last three polishes from my haul last weekend from Vegas. (See part one here and part 2 here.)

Before I jump to the swatches, I'd like to tell you a story. So apparently three out of the four polishes that I've already swatched before were mislabeled... I don't really know what's the case, because I haven't seen these polishes before in person, so I don't really know what the real colors or names are supposed to be. Someone said they were mislabeled; somebody else said they probably recycled the names or something. Anyway, I decided to just ignore the names and just enjoy the colors. ;) So for this post, I'm just going to go by what the labels say, and if you ever find these polishes under a different name or a polish with the same name as these, just let me know. :)

So, let's get started!

Leading the pack is Island Paradise.

Two coats, no undies, with top coat
One coat over undies, plus top coat

Island Paradise is a medium bubblegum pink crème base with tiny and small blue matte hex glitters. I was expecting the base to be a little less opaque. I did two thickish coats without undies plus top coat, and another one with undies (Colour Gossip Fashionista) plus one coat of polish and top coat. This polish was a little bit on the thick side.

Next up is Island Sunset.

Three coats, no undies, with top coat
One coat over undies, plus top coat

Island Sunset is a bright yellow crème base with the same glitters as Island Paradise. For this polish I did one with three coats by itself, and another one with undies (SHXW Mellow Yellow) plus one coat of IS and top coat. This polish applied the best out of the three, with the thinnest formula.

Last but certainly not the least, here is Island Heat.

Three coats, no undies, with top coat
One coat over undies, plus top coat

Island Heat is a light aqua blue crème base with the same glitters as the other two polishes. This was the most problematic to apply out of all three polishes. It had the thickest formula, and it got clumpy as I was applying it. Shame, because I really liked the way this one looked. Again, I did three coats without undies plus top coat, and another with undies (Colour Gossip All About Me) plus one coat of IH and top coat. For some reason, irl this polish reminds me of Sully from Monsters, Inc. If the glitters were purple, it'd have been the perfect Sully polish!

Thoughts? While I like the idea of these polishes, I wish the base were less opaque. Or it went on perfectly with one coat, because the glitters get buried underneath the opacity of the base. I prefer the look over undies. While it does not really change the look of the polish because the base of the Island Girl polishes are pretty opaque by themselves, it still helps because you only have to use one slightly thick coat so the glitters stay prominent. The formula wasn't consistent, either, with Island Heat being the thickest and Island Sunset the thinnest out of all three. By default my favorite is usually the blue, but for these polishes, my favorite is the yellow one.

Would I recommend these polishes? Yes and no. For polish hoarders collectors, I recommend these just because you can never have too many crème-based glitters,. But personally, I'd suggest you just spend a little extra and order indie polish instead, if you like the look of glitters in a milky/crème base. Some sellers will even let you customize a shade of your own, so you can recreate these polishes if you wanted. Indies are also relatively more accessible than these because indies will usually ship anywhere within the US (some do only CONUS, while others include Puerto Rico and Canada) and some are also available from international sellers. When it comes down to it, it's all up to you if you want to hunt these down, or request from your nail mail buddy, or pass up on it completely.

And that wraps up my Island Girl polish haul! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I hope you'll be here for the next posts! :)

*I bought these polishes with my own money at the ABC Stores in Las Vegas on Tropicana Ave. Each bottle is $2.99 plus tax. Here is a list of their locations, but the only stores in the continental US are located in Las Vegas (they have eight stores there.) You can also order some sets here, but they don't have a lot of choices and shipping is $9. Island Girl is sold exclusively in ABC Stores.*

*Disclaimer: Due to variations in screen displays and resolutions, polishes may appear different to each reader. I try my best to capture colors as accurately as I can, and if I can't, then I try to describe the color/s to the best of my ability.*

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  1. I have island heat as well, and two others that I recently purchased that have the wrong names too, don't know why