Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tinkybell's 30 Days of Untrieds Challenge Day 4 PLUS Indie Thursdays: Stardust Polish North of the Wall and Always Pays His Debts(Game of Thrones Collection)

Helloooo errbody! Today is a double feature of sorts. I have done Indie Thursdays on the blog up until my slump, and I missed doing it! I'm slowly falling in love with indies and I try to get my hands on them as much as possible. Anyway, since I am on an untrieds challenge, I thought I would combine the two and feature an untried indie polish (or two!) for Day 4.

I have ordered a couple of polishes from Stardust Polish before (which I have posted before on my Instagram.) Drema, the owner of Stardust Polish, is pretty much a nice person and easy to talk to if you have concerns about the product or anything else. She's made some pretty polishes and it's a shame I only have a few of her creations... but I am hoping to remedy that. (My bank account isn't feeling too happy at that thought, though. Haha.)

Anyway, I have two polishes from her Game of Thrones collection: North of the Wall and Always Pays His Debts. I love the TV series (my boyfriend got me hooked on it, among other things...) and have yet to read the books (I have it on my e-book; I should really get a start on it!) But when I saw that Drema has released a GoT collection I wanted to get my hands on at least one of the polishes! So, let's get to the swatches, shall we? :)

First, we have North of the Wall.

North of the Wall is a light grey crelly base with tiny holographic glitters, and silver and blue hex glitters of different sizes. I love the combination of this polish! And this reminds me of the white walker that Sam encountered outside of the wall. Of course, this polish is prettier than that zombie :P Anyway, I used three coats for this swatch, plus top coat.

Then I had to see it matted, so here it is:

Looks pretty frosty!

And here is Always Pays His Debts:

Sorry for the bad macro shot, but it difficult for me to take a decent shot of this polish! So much glare... but then most of my pics have glare anyway. Oh well... Anyway, Always Pays His Debts is a sheer, shimmery red base with medium gold and smaller holographic glitters. I'm pretty sure this was inspired by House Lannister... because a Lannister always pays his debts, doesn't he? ;)  I'm not really a fan of this polish, just cause I don't like the base color. I personally don't like the shimmer, but some people do, so to each his own. This is three coats plus top coat.

I also tried this one with a matte top coat:

I think it looks better matted, cause the glitters show up more and it's not as shimmery.

Thoughts? I love North of the Wall! I've always loved glitter polish that is coordinated, and I think this polish is just that. The colors all worked together and it made for a nice combination. It also applied pretty easily. It just got a little thick towards the end, but maybe it's cause I was working in a hot room and I had the fan on. Nothing a few shakes can't care though, so it's all good. I also need to work on my glitter placement, but this polish has an adequate amount that you don't really have to fish for glitters. Always Pays His Debts was a bit thin, but not very runny. It had a decent amount of glitter, no fishing needed. If you wanted more glitter on, you can always fish for them, but you'll still get a decent amount with a normal coat and some placement. Like I said, I didn't really care for the base color, but it improved in my eyes with the matte top coat. So I guess it's obvious which one is my favorite, right? ;) North of the Wall won my heart for this collection!

And that's it for today's double feature! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll be back! :)

*I bought these polishes from Stardust Polish's Storenvy website (which is currently closed right now for some maintenance, so check Drema's Instagram @stardustpolish for restock info.) These retailed for around $9 each plus shipping.*

*Disclaimer: Due to variations in screen displays and resolutions, polishes may appear different to each reader. I try my best to capture colors as accurately as I can, and if I can't, then I try to describe the color/s to the best of my ability.*


  1. North of the Wall is such a gorgeous polish!! And thanks for mattifying it, it looks amazing.

  2. Hi! I nominated you for a Liebster Award over on my blog :)
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  3. nice swatches you got here :) North of the wall is stunning. I love how light it looks.

  4. I like the one with blue dots more...

  5. I also like North of the Wall more, I once made a manicure here: that looked exactly like this, it's interesting to get such an effect after using only one nail polish.